Three schools for girls to participate in the globe program East ecosystem


Involved three girls schools from the Education Department in the eastern region in the globe program, an international scientific programmes supported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA, which is an international educational, scientific programmes aimed at forming future generations of future scientists in the field of environment by students with a set of environmental measurements and recorded in a database program and utilized in environmental scientific studies.

Happy albahas explained the spokesperson and Director of public relations and media education, that the schools are “high school 25 in Dammam, first and third medium secondary Dammam, noting that the program is doing supervision in those schools follow directly from rim activity supervisor, offering hardware support school workshops and review research and training students on presentation and submission, and have achieved a number of girls, globe schools of quality and achievements, the first secondary access twenty-fifth Dammam, Dammam, and Sam participate in data quality and Put the badge in school page on the globe site, the secondary yielded 25 also four medals of honor for 2016, and a medal for the first quarter of the year 2017.

Pupils also participated Halima Awaji, Somali human, first examining secondary Dammam international globe default for 2016, and the search took place at the highest rating at the level of schools for girls in the globe, which the people of the eastern region to represent the Kingdom to participate in the international globe Gallery Near East countries in the Hashemite Kingdom, where as the supervising company Kingdom up two students and two students got special engagement was a letter of thanks from the education Undersecretary Dr HAIA!, as well as school participated videos on Earth, and also in the globe search Virtual international 2017 m, published their research on globe site and access to all letters of thanks.

Albahas commended the efforts of the students and school leaders and teachers to do anything her efforts to publicize the program and apply it in school, and participate in all the events that support the environment and raise awareness among the students and the school community.