Three days before the deduction. Shifty French: elected me so they don’t become like America.


French presidential campaign team Midlands Emmanuel shifty, has one last message by: don’t you want to be like the United States or Britain? Then go to the polling stations and took the right decision.

And three days before the expected runoff, Sunday, between shifty and extreme right-wing rival marine Le Pen, the shifty Group published a solo photographer on Twitter showing American and British citizens express their regrets about their vote for Donald Trump and out of the European Union.

The short section ends with a clear message: “this Sunday, France will have to take the decision. The worst is not impossible. “

According to the latest opinion polls suggest sky that pro-EU shifty advanced strongly on the extreme right-wing rival before Sunday’s vote. Le Pen wants to apply protection measures if elected, and said that the British economy has benefited from votes out of the European bloc.