That’s what you’ll do with America if nuclear strike


Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Peter Romanov said in an interview with channel “Krasnaya Linea” (red line) that even if the United States nuclear strike into Russia, they would be doomed.

Romanov said as the Russian “Sputnik” agency “I attended a closed meeting in the Soviet era, there was discussion of the project” birimitr-“dead hand. Even if they send a preemptive strike and destroy a particular part of our rules, the “dead hand” will launch rockets, the rocket will travel to the United States. This system currently exists.

According to him, the United States has complete information about specific military capabilities “dead hand” of Russia.

He added: “the Americans people are realists. They fear us, if this is true, they long ago were sigronna to war. “

Sputnik said the system “birimitr” is a system of commands to issue orders to Russian nuclear forces of the nuclear strike devastating reply (even when they have completely destroyed the communications lines and command centers with strategic missile forces).

It guarantees all ballistic missile launchers land, sea and air, if the enemy from destroying all the leaders can give orders to respond. System “birimitr” is completely independent and not linked to other means of communication and command orders, even the “nuclear briefcase” has nothing to do with activated.