Thad “riled the Chinese and increase the tension on the Korean peninsula


Us troops began delivering missile defence system was raised the ire of China to South Korea deployed on site today, amid growing tensions over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Washington urges Beijing, Pyongyang’s largest ally, the greater pressure on the State of isolationism.

But the deployment plan system “Thad,” us anti-missile shield advanced, angered Beijing considerably.

And South Korea and the United States insists on the deployment of the system which was agreed last year, aims to fend off threats from the North who owns nuclear weapons.

But China fears that it will weaken their rocket and indicates that the publication “Thad” would adversely affect the security balance in the region. And imposed a series of measures seen as economic retaliation from Seoul, include a ban on tour groups.

Broadcast footage showed large trailers media painted coating for camouflage carrying what appeared to be missile-related equipment entering South songhago County golf Wednesday morning.

Seoul’s Defence Ministry said that the move was to “ensure the operational capacity for” Thad “as soon as possible,” with the ultimate goal remains installed by the end of the year. “

Thad “system designed to counteract and destroy ballistic missiles and short-range in the last stage of delivery.

The latest move comes at a time of rising tension on the Korean peninsula after Pyongyang fired a series of missiles after President Donald Trump administration warnings that the military option remains “on the table”.

And Washington deployed aircraft carrier combat group led USS Carl Vinson in the Korean peninsula, in parallel with power review indications that Pyongyang may be preparing to conduct a nuclear test.

And in another show of force on the part of Pyongyang, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong biggest military training in its history to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of its army.