After the televised debate marked by sharpness: shifty more qualified than Lupin to be next President of France


On Thursday French media were unanimous that the television debate Tuesday night between Emmanuel shifty and Marin Lupin candidates to the second round of the French presidential election was too sharp and they have not lived up to the debates that had occurred during the past decades. All political analysts are surprised by the way in which the far-right candidate handled Lupin with shifty candidate the movement “forward”. It may stutter throughout the debate that the candidate is subject to a Commission, money, Europe, immigrants and Muslims at the expense of the national interest. Even went so far as to suggest that he may have had bank accounts in what is called “tax paradises” which denied by shifty. Because social media extensively during the last two days in China for this subtraction, Emmanuel shifty independent candidate filed a complaint Thursday against parties seeking to promote this false information.

Political analysts also took on Marin Lupin not to respond to questions posed by journalists who were tasked respectively with the corresponding management and only attacking Emanuel shifty and many mistakes in the numbers that were cited on a number of issues raised during the debate the most important files on the economy. It was noted that marine Le Pen, carried with it the debate seen more than 160 million people many files. It was regularly making it look unsure of herself.

All had concluded poll conducted after the debate, which lasted two hours and twenty minutes to Emmanuel shifty “forward” movement candidate more qualified than marine Le Pen to win the second round of the presidential election Sunday. And one of these polls to 12 ten percent of Marin voters completely dissatisfied Lupin performance.