Tehran hosts a meeting of the guarantor States such as “Astana 4 ″ about Syria


Anatolia-Turkey and Iran and Russia held a tripartite meeting in Tehran to discuss technical issues about the Syrian crisis, such as the fourth round of talks “Astana 4 ″, scheduled to be held on 3 and 4 May next statement, on Thursday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the trilateral meeting took place on 18 and 19 April and address ways political solution file and the fight against terrorism. it said the tripartite meeting in Tehran discussed several issues, notably the” ceasefire across Syria, exchange of prisoners and abductees ” In the country, and pointed to the presence of an expert of the United Nations at the meeting, along with Turkish and Russian and Iranian delegations, noting that the guarantor States will hold a preparatory meeting on May 2/May next in mid March last March/Deputy Foreign Minister said Kazakhstan, your mind kmaldenov, “talks Astana 4 ″ will be launched on 3 and 4 April/May next in January last January, the first meeting inAstana, under the auspices of the Russian and Turkish participation of Iran and the United States and the system of Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian opposition, to discuss measures to consolidate the ceasefire in Syria agreed in Turkish capital Ankara on 29 December/December last year, “Astana 2 ″, last February, it was agreed between Russia, Iran and Turkey to establish a mechanism to monitor the ceasefire, but the talks ended without a final statement then, and the third round of talks” Astana 3 ″, mid March/March last, in Kazakh capital, in agreement On the formation of a tripartite Committee comprising Russia and Turkey and Iran to observe the truce.