Technical development of lung screening reduces antibiotic use


British researchers said, they have developed a new technique for examining the lungs, depend on a telescope composed of fiber tube, dive into the lung to explore bacterial infection _ and decide you do not need to use antibiotics.
Anatolia news agency quoted the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, Friday, that “new technique developed by scientists from the universities of Edinburgh, and bath had wehiriot-Watt to diagnose bacterial infections, stop giving patients antibiotics in intensive care units.
“The telescope is equipped with optical fiber, can explore the lung within 60 seconds, and determine the patient’s condition and the extent of the need for medicines.”
Researchers hope to contribute to the project called “Proteus” in the face of the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
And the mechanism of action of project “Proteus,” the researchers explained that chemicals used to light up when attached to certain types of bacterial infections, to telescope discovered afterwards, and is accurate to be able to dive into the depths of the lung.
The research team, hopes to revolutionize the way the assessment and treatment of patients with serious diseases and others who suffer from lung disease.
Currently doctors depends on mammograms and blood tests to diagnose diseases, and are perhaps means slow, inaccurate, and often patients are treated with antibiotics as a precaution, exposing them to potential side effects.
Said doctor how _ Dhaliwal, who leads the project at the University of Edinburgh: “we need to understand the disease better inside the patient so we can make better decisions and provide timely treatment.”
“The growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics represents the biggest challenge in medicine, support the project will contribute in accelerating the development of Proteus technology, to be ready for clinical use faster and more broadly.”
The World Health Organization warned that humanity is heading towards the post antibiotics, which can result in common infectious diseases, minor injuries again.
She said that because of that see that antibiotics become less effective in killing bacterial infection _ known as antibiotic resistance, due to increasing doses of antibiotic use or misuse or reduction