Teach the hollow “invites candidates to the supervision and guidance of the interview and testing


Called teach jawf represented by the departments of educational supervision and guidance, the candidates for supervisory work and student guidance to interview and test.

The Director of the Department of educational supervision teaching hollow “boys” Nikhil to test and interview applicants for supervisory work will be all in the evening at 5 p.m. written test will be in the Theater Department Monday 5/8/1438 and personal interview of webmaster articles on educational supervision Department on Tuesday 6/6/1438 and webmaster areas on Wednesday 7/8/1438 e..

On the pass to the test audience in time for the pass from the Education Office in skaka, the Office of education in the Education Office in Domat Al-Jandal Sawyer on Monday 5/8/1438 e 9:00 a.m. managing and mentoring, and the pass of the Education Office b tabarjal road for Wednesday 7/8/1438 e at 9 a.m. in sakakah Education Office.