Tajikistan granted the Saudis electronic visa b 100 SR


Tajikistan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, darab DIN Al Qasimi, the country implemented a Web portal for Saudi tourists to give them visas upon request via mail to facilitate coming into the country and ease.

“Darab: Tajikistan is open to all Arab tourists especially from Saudi Arabia, the country of the two Holy Mosques and that between us and them a strong relationship, and the value of visa 100 riyals.
And Tajikistan of charming and picturesque places Rob kernels, and four seasons climate during one time, in addition to its family of iPod and love for visitors.

Tajikistan is a tourist country with distinction, because all the specs desired by tourist destination starting with security, safety and beautiful nature and simple people down to the ease and cheapness of living life that make family tourism in that country the perfect choice and best.

Tajikistan, which broke away from the Soviet Union in 1994 in Asia Iran and Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan and has an area of more than 110 thousand square kilometers.

And with a population of 8 million, is promising State rich in minerals from aluminium and steel and others in addition to oil and gum.

Tajikistan opened by Muslim Commander qutayba Ibn Muslim, Islam’s income since the 16th century, the main feature of its people pride in their religion and their culture and civilization.

Saudi 8000 visited Tajikistan in 2016 and Tourism Ministry aspires to increase the number to 50 thousand visitors after visa.