Taif University establish a Committee to protect the rights of students


Taif University announced the establishment of the Commission for the protection of students ‘ rights, activate the Charter on the rights and duties of students inaugurated the University.

Taif university rector said Dr Husam Wahab Zaman, to establish a Committee on the rights of the students comes in the context of “initiatives” University system which began work on launching respectively, aiming to transform the Taif University into a leading institution in academic and educational and Scientific Affairs and research and administrative, to be “role models” institution for educational institutions in the Kingdom, useful to the University in turn will promote and consolidate a culture of rights and duties of civilization in her students and her students especially, all employees of the University through public activities, programmes and awareness and educational events; to provide A stimulating academic environment on achievement and excellence.

During the establishment of the Committee reflects the recognition of the importance of preserving the rights of University students, and education, and the impact on student’s psychological stability and scientifically and systematically studied the Academy, and participation in classroom activities curricular, and certainly from the University that through students to obtain his rights shall be a strong League, whose tender, focus and outstanding scientific achievement, asserting that the Commission intended to defend the rights of students on bases are compatible with the rules and regulations applicable to the University, consistent with, and endorse the principles of Justice and fairness as a fundamental pillar in the construction of an academic society Featured, finding a suitable study environment positive among employees of the University.

Dr Zaman that the Committee’s objectives also include reviving the spirit of loyalty and belonging when college students, advising them regarding their academic and non-academic, and insight on how to claim their polite through official channels within the University, under the established rules.

Director of consultant said Taif University Saleh Abad, that college students ‘ Rights Commission mechanisms identified to receive complaints of students through organized channels and hear their point of view, and verified, and heaving with necessary recommendations to protect their rights, pointing out that the Commission has the right to communicate with all employees at the University to verify complaints before it.

He stressed that the working mechanisms of the Committee on the rights of the students provides handling all cases with full confidentiality, preserving the rights of students and do not expose them to any consequences, noting that the Committee would hold regular meetings to follow up the inclusion in its file, and measured regulations and regulations adopted at the University.