Taif University calls for a partnership between universities and the «intellectual property»


He called Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Taif Dr Naif Al Buraq, a strategic partnership between universities and the Saudi Commission for intellectual property, which a Royal Decree establishes its Foundation last month, with the aim of ensuring the resettlement of knowledge economy and industry.

He praised Dean Faculty of Arts at the University of Taif high judge order establishment, during a seminar organized by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Taif on world intellectual property day 26 April of every year.

Buraq reviewed in a paper presented at the seminar on intellectual property types, written and unwritten, and related copyright, trademarks, patents, and the competent governmental authorities to save these rights in their respective fields.

For his part, Dr Riccardo about robberies, explaining that we can divide the theft to the superficial and deep, surface mean abduction of text meaning rude, maybe acting robber delete or shortcut or presentation and the delay and so on, which does not affect being superficial theft “easy detection, and more such plagiarism.

And Dr Alghamdi theft kidnapping mean deep content in whole or in part, with the change of Word wholly or partly with the intent of head start and the illusion of authenticity, including through verbal and moral ones and ones together.

He added: “these mechanisms which appeared to me through an empirical study comparing content theft for stealing” theoretical “texts of Dr Abdullah Al ghathami, Malik bin Nabi” in cultural criticism, “seven mechanisms: tandem, distortion, and spin, and inclusion, gossip, reincarnation, and illusion.

The Al-Ghamdi to many scientific means of detecting theft lexical similarity and similarity of series ideas, and similarities with toxicity “concepts” or theoretical concepts that have a particular thinker theory structure.

So, under the Faculty of Arts at Maleki on Dr intervention during the seminar, the importance of adopting such laws, universities and students ‘ awareness to protect the intellectual rights of others, the lecturer in foreign languages department Mohamed Khan, the need to save lives of counterfeit products and harmful to health, similar efforts to preserve intellectual property rights.