Taif: Save 15 people held their vehicles after rain


Civil Defense teams have rescued 15 people detained in Taif torrents vehicles following rainfall.

Official spokesman for the Civil Defense Department Colonel Nasser Sultan Al-Taif Sharif that the rains Taif rainfall level was of medium to separate parts of the province included heavy and small torrent password hawiyah and some administrative centres (Kaya walmhani weshksan walatif and his clan and Shifa), asked on her trail and Valley trahaib Owade Wadi allisina, Wadi daban Nawaf and updated Valley and Valley Sage poured and La Abraq Valley and Valley Crest), noting that rains had resulted in the detention of the number 5 15 people inside vehicles excluded healthy.

It called the civil defence general management fellow citizens and residents not to take a chance and go down into the valleys and bellies water pool sites, said: we invite our responsibility, educators in Taif, spreading safety culture among our children and female students of the seriousness of water left by rainfall in moorland villages and abandonment and stay away from them.