At-Taif looking better civil and foreign schools


Director of education-Taif Dr Mohamed bin Hassan Al-shamrani chances improve the status of civil and foreign schools in the County, and the implementation plan of the Ministry of education to go for educational buildings have the right environment for academic achievement, came during a meeting of the Ministerial Committee representing the Ministry of education and the buildings Agency and foreign and development company buildings.

The meeting reviewed the Committee’s report after its province, which lasted over two days during which stood on models of buildings that is run by the owners of the schools, and another under construction, as General Manager of Commission offered private education Mohamed Al-Otaibi, Director of invest emotions Harithi and a number of engineers improvement opportunities available to civil and foreign conditions of school buildings during the next period, and praised the efforts of the Ministerial Office of education to teach and support urged Taif school owners to develop put uninitialized buildings For educational purpose so they can achieve the desired objectives.