Taif civilian saves family after burning apartment kitchen


Every home – Riad – rebounds: civil defense teams Taif Wednesday rescued a man and his wife and child after a fire in their apartment.

Official spokesman for the Civil Defense Department Colonel Nasser Sultan Sharif Taef that communication to the standardized security operations center fire in the second floor of the apartment building consists of three floors in the Northern neighbourhood of Shuhada, the necessary teams were rushed to the site and evacuated the building.

The sheriff said the fire broke out in the kitchen and spread to the part of the lounge, where the man was rescued and his wife and child from the burning apartment by civil defense, stating that blaze caused men to second degree burns and superficial Burns, wife and children suffered asphyxiation is simple, they were taken by the Red Crescent to King Faisal Hospital, asserting that their condition is stable, indicating that the fire broke out because the cooking process.

The Sheriff called the sisters housewives not to concern about cooking and flammable material dimensions on a gas stove.

Sourse: kolalwatn.net