Taef Chamber: Royal decisions wisely and emphasizes the economic Kingdom force


Taef Chamber President, Vice-President of the Council of Saudi Chambers, Dr Sami bin Abdullah Al-Obeidi, the last property decisions confirm the place and power of the Kingdom economically and socially, and further stresses the attention towards the leaders of this country from people and touch their needs.

Abidi said the return of allowances and perks and bonuses for State officials, civilians and military personnel after months, confirms that the aim of the State was at first the return of some economic balance, if achieved-which is what happened in the brief period and thank Allah-the decision to return immediately, asserting that decisions re property bonuses and allowances for all State employees will dramatically the economy and increase liquidity and purchasing power, demand versus supply in the market.

Obeidi added: what distinguishes the Royal decisions increased optimism among Saudi society economy and the future of the Kingdom, the Kingdom operates according to plans and methodologies, in accordance with the Vision 2030, which aims to provide prosperity and security for the Saudi people.

Vice President congratulated the Taif Chamber Bandar bin Hilal Al Saidi Saudi people recent property decisions saying that Royal decisions carried a number of promising and powerful messages, to a bright future with the permission of Allah, and Allah willing, will result in recovery for the economy and raising confidence as well.

Bradley pointed out that the language and speech of recent property decisions, were new, and resolute, which ensures transparency and integrity throughout our dealings and that everybody will work it to preserve the property and resources of this country.

In turn the Taif Chamber Board Member said at aldoseri jarasch, recent property decisions will increase consumer spending and revive growth in the Kingdom, adding that the Government of Saudi Arabia is anxious for the future and security of this country, and working on it since its founder King Abdul Aziz Allah have mercy on him, and all the sons of Allah have mercy Kings, down to the King of firmness and good King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Allah bless, Crown, Crown and Crown, pointing to the next period require greater collaboration between the Saudi people With his leadership, which proves every time concern for this country and its people.

While the Taef Chamber Board Member Khalid Bin Eid Clifford’s recent property decisions, especially in the return allowances will increase positive sentiment among the citizens and raise the recovery in domestic demand, the Saudi market as a whole.

Whipper pointed to the decision to provide tests, the resolution stresses near the Government of Saudi Arabia, which justified the decision to provide tests before Ramadaan concern for their sons and daughters, this is positive.

Lastly, Clifford said: asking Allah almighty to preserve this country’s leaders, and sustains us grace our safety and security, and all the Muslim countries.