Tabuk rotten foods which adjusts Secretariat chicken expired. And worms with tomato


Tabuk Secretariat surrounded today-actress in public administration for the markets-a number of vehicles that tried to sell loads of bad tomatoes, busted in a restaurant of Tabuk; doing cooking and selling chicken is spoiled and expired.

And detailed, cargo car secretariat controlled when entering HARAJ vegetables today, and found inside it a quantity of tomato, and other 213 found inside the tomato box on worms, before entering the vegetable auction to sell them during the second period. The quantities have been destroyed, and the application of the sanctions list buddy vehicles.

In the same vein, the Secretariat of health control Department seized Tabuk bawadi district restaurant, cooking and selling rotten chicken (expired). And confiscated and destroyed over 120 kg of rotten chicken, penalty stroke (5000 thousand reais).