Tabuk police seized 1890 contrary to business systems


The joint security campaigns contributed to Tabuk police station with a branch of the Ministry of labour and the competent authorities in the region adjust “1891” contrary to business systems during the month of Rajab, and until the fifth of this month and which are not covered by the correction notice.

Media spokesman for Tabuk police Colonel Chukwuemeka Republican White House hopefuls fought that these campaigns are part of Tabuk police tasks being body supervising the implementation of comprehensive national campaign to track and adjust the offenders residence and work systems and border security from corrective limit granted to illegal entrant into the town which began as of 1/7/1438 e identified ninety days to assist interested entrants in breach and termination exemption entailing penalties according to decent directions on this regard.

And pointed it out to date (2025) contravention of timeout patch since its inception and until the sixth month after review and end Sha’ban procedures within the overall national campaign plan, “Colonel Republican White House hopefuls fought Tabuk police confirm through integrated and continuous cooperation with all the relevant authorities in tracking violators of residence and work systems and application of penalties against them and at the same time invites all residents to take advantage of this grace period which ends with the end of Ramadan this year not even subjected to regular sanctions unless Take the opportunity afforded them.