Surgery saves baby from dialysis in Taif


Continued Urology King Faisal compound Taif medical status of births throughout the whole year to perform urethral valve slit back after one year.

The child was born and he suffers from the back urethra valve and this disadvantage is the leading cause of kidney failure in newborn males and cut a hole in urinary bladder through the skin after birth to convert the urethra, thus saving the baby from laundry and kept the child to follow Academy to become kidney functions are normal for a medical team led by Dr Solomon Urology consultant oversaw the complex work of binocular slit valve urethra and close the hole in the abdomen so the child can urinate Naturally.

Dr Ashraf said that these cases need to follow continuously and that was already a child inside the compound as periodic monitoring of urinary tract structure is complete, the process was conducted successfully to avoid complications and outcome deficiencies in the urinary tract and the baby could urinate.

Deputy spokesperson said Taif health aitha huthali many similar cases being followed up early for newborn babies and work to make the best time by a team specializing in urology through hospital outpatient.