Sultan bin Salman escort Badr bin Abdulmohsen in icarly


Stop by his Royal Highness Prince Badr bin abdulmuhsin Al Saud on icarly corporals historic site in Taif, which toured to HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the General Authority for tourism and national heritage.

Prince Badr praised the efforts of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal over 10 years experienced founding and development of icarly, as the price of big efforts led by Prince Sultan bin Salman to jump to market advanced centres to achieve successes added to previous successes, His Highness said “turn icarly into a glorious past and beautiful and great and bright future is undoubtedly an important event, and there is an effort to turn icarly into Arab and global success story, visitors will see icarly this vision The authors ‘ leadership realized his Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal and Prince Sultan bin Salman. “

He added “I see that this year will be special, but fulfilling our ambitions as Saudis, and next year will be a global event.”

Meanwhile across the Prime public authority for tourism and national heritage was pleased to visit Prince Badr bin abdulmuhsin to icarly, asserting that Prince Badr national stature taste unique lattice shares with his hair in the profile of the homeland and Renaissance, adding “off the future carries the story of civilization and history, and a window on a glorious past, a prosperous present and bright future with the permission of Allah the Almighty.”

He stressed that icarly eleventh version enjoys the patronage of the custodian of the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Allah bless valuing his permanent support and attention of the custodian of the national heritage in all areas, which culminated in his care (may Allah) for the custodian to take care of the cultural heritage collection efforts and heritage projects under one umbrella, will be among the main initiatives icarly and leading this program, stating that the historical depth of reveal light point Gazette and the accumulation of human knowledge, this island of Arabic Before the era of Islam, since its inception, the market was an important part of human history the island Arabic.