Sultan bin Salman: the convergence of two great civilizations in the «masterpieces» Kingdom impact in Korea

< Head General Commission for tourism and national heritage Prince Sultan bin Salman to Gallery «trade routes on the island Arabic-Saudi Arabia raised masterpieces through the ages» which opened its doors in the South Korean capital Seoul is not only about the effects, but to publicize the important country globally and essential partner contributed to the economy of modern Korea.
He said in remarks to the media after the opening of the exhibition the day before yesterday: “this show is a convergence of great civilizations, and is definitely not artifact, but a letter of cooperation between partners and acquaintance with the Exchange with them economically and politically are coordinating, peoples and Governments to enhance interaction and confidence by knowing the tradition of dealing with him and his stature over time, humans lie on increased cooperation with cultural relevance and stature, know as the Koreans with pride of their heritage which belongs to five thousand years, the Saudis are standing in the Arabic Peninsula on succession Civilization for thousands of years, civilizations have influenced the world and added to the human heritage since the beginnings of history, was the cradle of civilizations and a meeting point for world trade and human migrations and springboard, culminating with that was the cradle of the great message of Islam, which was spread over the Earth and integral part of the civilizations that preceded and enriching of humanity after the descent of land chosen by messages conclusion Allah to be the starting point for his magnanimous».
He said that civilized cultural exhibition, the first exhibition of this size takes place in Korea South Korean officials state that she was the primary contributor to the Korean economy», adding that the exhibition is particularly important for Koreans who memorized much of the credit for the prosperity of their economy and their country’s progress, the founder of modern Korea economy in writing, and keeps it informed State officials and economic mobility, this is sort of a basic need galleries to present the Kingdom as a State with a long history and civilization and global presence Important, and the window overlooks the world civilization and culture of the Kingdom and the secrets of her strength and development.
Exhibition «trade routes on the island Arabic-Saudi Arabia raised masterpieces through the ages» National Museum opened in the South Korean capital Seoul, sponsored by the Chairman of the General Commission for tourism and national heritage, Deputy Prime Minister of strategy and Finance of Korea Dr Yu is in the presence of the engineer Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of energy, industry and mineral resources, Minister of culture, sports and tourism in South Korea Seung-Kyun, Dr Wahid Hamid, Member of the Board, the Director-General of the National Museum of Korea Yi Jung Hoon.