Sudan: Edit a French hostage kidnapped in Chad in Darfur.


The local Government announced in the State of North Darfur today that national intelligence and security service enables French hostage vazir, who was abducted by an unidentified armed group Terry from inside Chadian territory in March.

French hostage appeared with Governor of North Darfur Wahid Yusuf Ibrahim told a press conference in the State capital Fasher where received by the French Embassy in Khartoum.

Yusuf said that abductor was working in mining, was abducted by rebels from the Chadian territory two months ago, and locate in a region with local State mute.

The hostage and the representative praised the French Embassy in Khartoum to the Sudanese Government’s efforts in editing from the kidnappers.

Sudanese security services managed to free the hostage on the outskirts of mute Saturday, and arrests kidnappers belonging to a rebel group in Darfur.

Media Manager device in a press statement that the hostage was kidnapped in eastern Chad with a group of rebel remnants and sneaked him after his abduction into the country.

He added: “spotted and stalked and exchange information through coordination and communication between the security organs of the Sudan, Chad and France until the perpetrators have been arrested and restoring the kidnapper.”

The Director of the information security device to great efforts have been made in the field tracking and security monitoring with all guarantees the safety of the kidnapped and not responding to the demands of ransom to the kidnappers.

He said that liberalization was a complex operation was a complete success, stressing the importance of coordination and exchange of information between devices and intensify regional and international cooperation in the direction of the fight against terrorist movements.

Sudanese security official called to curb organized crime and activities harmful to stability in the region.