Sudais: custodian of an action and humanitarian relief


rice of his Excellency the President of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-sudais efforts by King Salman for relief and humanitarian acts of charity and its efforts in assisting the afflicted and needy.

Sudais said: “the custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz, pioneer philanthropy in the Kingdom and founder of humanitarian projects which cemented the concept of social solidarity among the sons of the homeland, mount acts of charity since its inception as the custodian may Allah., he sought to unite the efforts of Saudi Arabia good in providing aid and humanitarian relief work under one umbrella, and to be an international beacon Centre for relief and humanitarian action and a clear message to the world, and that this home address to peace and peace and ensure that human life and dignity, elegance Make the precious and precious for the suffering and help people and communities affected, in accordance with international law away from any political motives or objectives to reflect the interest of relief and humanitarian work “.

He added: this is a Holy quest of the custodian may Allah-contributes a substantial contribution in the advancement of human societies towards alkmalat that came out divinely, that Allah and praise is Kingdom since the time of Imam founder King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud-Allah’s mercy-and what better than some scholars say: “Allah make forward slash, sized just meant all unfair, and good all corrupt, and force all weak, and half of all the oppressed, every creepy sad.”

He added that Saudi Arabia is the first donor country in the world, and its charitable and volunteer development and legality have included globe and the right of every Muslim to know thanks to this country, and to thank the Governors and calls them success and support in Word and deed, may add options, and the simplest in blessings, even every day of his days keeping on touching it, failing on his, simpler gland care beds, and in aspects of acceptance, Amada.

But Allah bless custodian of all evil and hated it, always secure it by good and right, and Philology to the goodness of the country and the people, and all this luminous centre to all fine and good, and make our country-of custodian-tall lighthouse, to uphold Islam and Moslems in the East and West and humanity, that Jawad Karim, Cherisher to thank Allah the Lord of heavens, Allah and blessings upon the Prophet Mohamed and his family and companions.