The story of the founder and board collected King Salman and Crown


spread pages # Altoasl_alajtmai of paintings by the artist, a noble Abu Jadayel, founder King Abdul – collecting Aziz Al – Saud with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
About these paintings and others, the artist Nabila Abu Jadayel said for “Net”: “my painting on silk and title # Raah_2030 represent three generations, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman like his grandfather Profiles and deeds and optimism to see him through the expressions of his face, which explains the founder of his vision, but people re – published and circulation since the Prince Mohammed bin Salman , the crown prince, and considered like exploring the future. ”

Also, the second painting was on the occasion of the National Day, and the artist calls it ” an alliance of glory.”
She said Abu Jadayel: “painted a year ago and spread before the National Day in 2016, but people are re – published today, they are the new old painting because they mimic people present Vaattabrha new.”
And the idea details said Noble: ” The idea of drawing paintings, came during my university cinema at Harvard University. I figured when I learn directed scenes in the movies. I’ve all my thinking how to improve Saudi art, and therefore as I am ordained thought about mixing between the two worlds, the world of painting and film. and the use of the world of films in terms of creativity in creating scenes. ”

She continued: “not only ACTV draw traditional Kportreat flat usual Bkhalafyatea one color the characters, but I wanted excellence draw new paintings like a treble – dimensional and teaching them the depth to look realistic with its various dimensions attract the attention of our generation and be relevant to its current and our time.” Confirmed Abu Jadayel she has specialized drawing mural paintings on silk of the kings and the governors of the matter, as embodied and document the history of Saudi art worthy of it.
She said: “My paintings reflect what I feel as a citizen of Saudi Arabia and my duty towards the national to the upgrading of his art, if I did it. Note that the pictures are old and discolored , and sometimes technically condition hard drawn , and here I am having a challenge painted and imagined and show them the best interface possible.”

The Abu Jadayel that drift beyond the traditional plain art, pointing out that she is proud of leading the work documenting the history and strengthens the national spirit , saying: “also studied art at the University of North Aestern and Harvard University in the US city of Boston. I wanted to dedicate my education and my talent to serve the national and invite people to see art Saudi Arabia and the homeland eyes Bonaml up to the world. ”