This is the story of a child almost appalling massacre


Convicted a teenager at seventeen, ISIS, terrorist organization supporters Tuesday in Denmark, on charges of “attempted terrorism”, having planned the attacks with bombs made from products sold in the free market.


You’ll learn these first two young characters revealed her name (n) judged Thursday. And convicted “terrorism” faces life imprisonment in Denmark.

In 2016, the young woman arrested at her house in kondbi village, 65 miles west of Copenhagen, and was then fifteen years old. Her family was informed the police after she worried by chemical tests that take place in their cellar suspicious.

The Court stated that investigators found in the basement on a bottle of water and a bottle of hydrogen, and citric acid, and a bottle of liquid acetone and plastic tray includes remnants of unknown “purchased products and cosmetics stores.

And they also found out that the young woman, she wrote that she planned to detonate bombs in the elementary school also in varifagli and in the Jewish school in Copenhagen.