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Before planning a trip to India, the main place on the list of places that everyone wants to have visited «Taj Mahal Agra, jewel, a symbol of eternal love for his wife, Mughal Emperor but rarely on the list of those places, about 40 kilometers (miles) from Agra. The effects were considered «open port Sikri» (city of victory), which then stops time and place, and was the capital of the Mughal Emperor Akbar «» from 1517 to 1585, a world heritage site in 1986.

I’ve been in «open port Sikri» over the past month, and had red sandstone, and the clear blue sky, the surrounding greenery, like a poem. How the enormous Mongol architecture, charismatic and accuracy and for the construction of these buildings was stunned the large capacity design, implementation, and the artwork, which have combined together mega steadfast on this earth for nearly three thousand years. And probably unmatched anywhere city «secret» of many schools of thought in greatness and dignity, and though they may fade before «Taj Mahal», it is in accordance with the best model for Mughal architecture. * Interesting city birthday remember history books that it created the city in 1568 in Agra. The Emperor had a third biggest», «Mughal emperors, since none of the men who gave them to survive, and was badly in a worried heir. On the advice of loyal aides, decided to request the blessings of Salim Chishti, Sheikh Muslim veneration was living in the village Sikri, located 40 km from Agra. He predicted that Emperor Salim «biggest» will have 3 males. He returned to Agra and more «is happy and peaceful, and shortly after comes the news carried one of his wives. For the pregnant Queen near the residence of Sheikh in Sikri. And then a few so the Emperor built Bern gratitude, the King’s daughter). And an expression (in 1569 heir, his wife gave birth to a son months, specifically Muslim Mystic man, the relocation of the capital I, who later became the Emperor Jahangir, the name «Salem», named for the residence of the spiritual man, and had established a city «open port Sikri», away from his State to the village Sikri in honor of congestion of Agra which was reflected in his empire, and technical concerns. What’s interesting is that the former French President, SarkoZ, and his girlfriend Carla Bruni visited the shrine itself 2010 during their visit to India, and called to a gauge, and the following year they had a daughter already. According to contemporary historians, the emperor was more «» personally supervised the construction of palaces, halls, the Grand Mosque, baths and pavilions, gardens, animals, stables and other buildings that befits the capital ownership. However, the city did not last, that express the gratitude of the Emperor, so long as the capital, where, owing to the scarcity of water resources, which led to difficulty in establishing the people, as in almost 1600 abandoned some sources, because of the forced transfer of «biggest» to his capital for political reasons, according to some other sources. It became a piece of stone standing in pastel on a background of varying shades of having Pat place abandoned grades between black pink and red with the passage of the hours of the day and the light faded in the end. And create palaces built of red sandstone Palace of glitter with the Sun turned to Orange to Amber sunset. Contemporary historians that the Mongols from the capital «open port of the main referee periods» Sikri in India’s history, where it is said that there had been many administrative reforms, finance, military mission during the Mongols era during that period. Featured land revenue policy followed by the famous Agbar, currency instrument mogul, military organization and administration, during the reign of the Mughal capital (open port Sikri)». : «The cities of Agra and (open port), Ralph Fitch, Waller case Englishman who visited the city in approximately 1585. «great cities, so don’t tell them about London grandeur, nor tell them crowded * fantastic places in the Indian subcontinent; but perhaps when you enter through the gate «Boland darwaza», is the gateway to the world’s highest, where 176 feet high from the ground, and 134 ahead of higher degree of peace, most artOne 42-degree ascent vaaa to reach the entrance. However, height is not essence, but what this symbolizes the height that carries the message: “enter if you got some nerve city of miracles and mysteries, magnificence and hope». There are pictures on the entrance arch one: «son of Mary said: the world is a bridge cross it but no tugging it houses. Who requests an hour had hoped. The world is not only an hour, one in supplication and prayer, just that Gabe». However, the biggest and greatest fortress building «biggest» open city Islamabad’s jamia mosque, which is one of “Friday Mosque, the largest mosque in the world. The mosque was built in 1571, aka and «mosque» degree, and is the most sacred building, located at the highest point in the city «open port Sikri». And the tomb of Salim Chishti inside the mosque. And at least in the mosque wall paintings in splendor,

And frescoes (fresco), and marble work and polished tiles on the walls. All the buildings were constructed in the Royal Academy or Imperial red sandstone located in that area. For each building or other characteristics distinguish motifs. It was the first yard in the complex are the General Council, or public place where Emperor great celebrations involving public, where the common man can make problems and submissions to the King. To the right of the bath road to the Court there is a large ring of stone stuck in the ground, and there is a belief that in that place was being run over felons on elephants