«Steroids» cancel meet nur in mythology

The doping crisis seem < stood in the face of the former Union player Mohamed Nour, which terminated on impact, didn’t end just stopped running in playgrounds, but chased him until he assesses the exhibition with his friends myths from around the world.
Al Hayat has learned that the cancellation or postponement is the fate of the match that supposedly set up by next Thursday at the King Abdullah City Stadium (GEM) in Jeddah that Nur is currently suspended international Doping Committee charged with dealing with prohibited items is a four-year pause, given the entry into force of the resolution are not entitled to participate with any relevant local or continental or global Union or exercise any formal headquarters followed her, making most of the invitees to participate in review confrontation Falling back on their decision to participate because they would be subject to punishment of «Viva» lack of commitment to the instructions.
The referees Committee also rejected the Governors commissioned to lead the confrontation for fear of their exposure to penalties of «Viva». The company marketed to sell tickets officially stopped selling tickets without detection because of suspension.
Add to the determination of the company match, justified by the lack of sufficient financial resources.