«STC»: our systems are not affected by virus «cry»


Assured STC (STC, (via calculated in social network Twitter: regulations
And networks are not affected by virus “I cry” that swept the world.
The company said through her account on Twitter: reference to what has been circulating about a virus or “Cree Wun want
Crying WannaCry VA n the company wishes to clarify that its networks and systems not affected, therefore, mentioned in the
Media for some personal devices that will be handled by specialized technical teams.
She added: “for the MyStc application it is unaffected and praise Allah.”
Classified electronic attack against the Nations of the world during these days the broadest cyberattack sly in
The world could be called euphemistically by the tsunami. This attack is targeting the average user through messages
Email and when you penetrate the device information contained therein are encrypted and start compromising on replay
With an initial payment of $300.
Virus that ygos electronic devices around known Woon Cree or want to cry “translation
Craft, easy to detect and get rid of it and information security expert asserts only needs caution and make sure the source
Before you open the message, and not to flop and access to suspicious sites.
Government agencies and companies widely launched series of instructions to its staff with caution
When you open emails so no machine data is encrypted, company or Government agency, when falling
Trap pirates on the network device class employee, and communication with competent management with information technology.
He was Director of the European Union Police Agency (Europol) Rob Wainwright has said “our processes to address
For about 200 attack my information annually, but we haven’t seen that before “;” the final toll is more than 200
A victim in 150 countries, many large companies include enterprises, noting that global spread
The virus is unprecedented.