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AP-hundreds of meters from Nuri mosque in Western Mosul, sits on a leather chair Salah House wheelchair and nailing the sniper scope sample “Steyr” waiting for “target” between “aldwaash”, also called the elements of the Islamic State, and Oxfam says “aldwaash in Visual range within, we watch them day and night, and once you glimpse a target, we kill him immediately.” Federal Police snipers take their positions in the four-storey building on a small street in the western part of Mosul, with a huge hole caused by bombardment in a dark room Windows Covered in blankets, blocking light and turning without seeing what’s going on inside from the outside, the sniper of the 5th Division at federal police 50 mm caliber rifle on rocks and sandbags. On the wall in front of him, the neighborhood map painted red. Oxfam keeps his gun moves left and right, looking for a goal might take him an entire day, says AFP. could hear the sound of heavy shelling, and an AFP team of snipers use the utmost caution in the same room, lie on his stomach over Lami Murtaza mattress can it monitor humpback Lighthouse collector Nouri through a hole in the wall is a groundbreaking, takeVenice and zozo2kx significant symbolic Islamic State, since he has seen appearances only to the Al-Qaeda leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in July/August 2014 days after “caliphate” in areas controlled by the jihadists in Iraq and Syria and works the Hunter for more than 12 hours a day throughout the 14 days straight, no Office workstations place “except in cases of necessity, such as entering the bathroom, for example. And get us food at specific dates three times a day, “explains House. “This enables us to more monitoring and follow up moves across.” and follow with a triumphant tone nerdy “between three and five dwaash confirmed injuries daily via GPS coordinates.” snipers helps soldiers stationed in an adjacent room are process control through binoculars. They are supported by a special unit on the top floor to monitor thermal scanning directly receive screen images of the same Regiment drones. “we Lami explains the decision to shoot here. It’s crucial. Yes we have our own thermal binoculars too, and we affirm coordinates with our comrades to avoid any wrong. “-civilians” human shields “and tells the regiment official on condition of anonymity,” the other day, our sniper killed a Prince daashia on the Western side, the effects of significant confusion in old town. “for fear of being bombarded by flying, universe rejoiced without a weapon and forced civilians to participate as human shields. They are very “trapped civilians constitute major obstacle in front of Iraqi troops seeking to regain control of the western part of the city of Mosul, after it regained the Eastern jihadists during a military operation was launched on 17 October last October and includes the old town which is located in the center of the West side, compact buildings and narrow streets do not allow passage of most military vehicles, police ChiefA leading group Federal Shaker Jawdat late last month posted dozens of snipers on the roofs of buildings in the old city, with the aim of supporting the troops advanced, and “isolate and disarm the terrorist elements of human shields.” according to the UN High Commissioner for refugees in Iraq, there are still about 600 thousand people in the Islamic State-controlled areas on the West side of the city and confirms that House is not an easy task, “there are snipers from across trying to spot too. Daashi nicked me days ago and fired, but the bullet hit the wall behind me. Rapid fire is identified and killed him. “