State regulation is attacking the Kurdish forces in and around class


She said what Syria forces know that Islamic State attacked inside the Northern neighborhoods in the Western City of raqqa Brive class, another eastern city that still ongoing battles. Syria has democratic forces-which consists mainly of Kurdish people protection units (military wing of the Syrian Democratic Union Party)-she’s repelled State regulation on willow village East of toppings, adding that the attack coincided with another attack on three new districts in the north end of class on the South Bank of the Euphrates River. The troops said they killed 20 fighters from the element of State regulation, and seized weapons, ammunition and armored military vehicles. fighting renewed last evening in northern districts shortly after democratic Syria forces control over all city and State regulation slipped past two days into two northern districts, while the pace of military operation waged by Kurdish forces backed by International Alliance. Sources told the island that the international coalition aircraft launched dozens of raids on sites. Fighting between the two sides were suspended yesterday by the city after the start of negotiations for the remaining districts regulation fighters under his control and declared Syria forces hours later democratic control over the entire city, before returning and return engagements, and before their incursion in class, democratic Syria forces took control of the northern part of the Euphrates dam adjacent to the town, and took control of the airport situated in its surroundings, rustic towns in Western and Northern tenderness under operation “wrath of Euphrates” launched in November last year. source : The island