Southern Sudan flared. Market for Israeli weapons


Raising the Israeli activists 45 human rights associations sued the Supreme Court demanding disclosure of Israeli companies that sell weapons to South Sudan.

Activists demanded an injunction obliging the Prosecutor and judicial Government Advisor avikhai mandlbelt criminal investigation against Israelis suspected of dealing of South Sudan and providing them with weapons, and charges of war crimes against humanity, and violations of the international laws and conventions.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli authorities claim also tighten controls on the export of arms in regions and countries experiencing civil wars and armed conflicts, revealing the relations between Israel and systems and States experiencing conflict and commit crimes against humanity.

The paper said that these activists filed suit to Supreme Court lawyer Itay Mac, having introduced during the year 2016, five requests to Israeli Attorney General to open an investigation and examination of the case, but they haven’t got any official response so they decided to go to the Supreme Court.

Maybe the activists, Israeli weapons fuelling such conflicts and prolong wars means having suspicions of war crimes and crimes against humanity, citing international reports alluded to the role of Israeli weapons companies in war in South Sudan, where he found the weapons made by Israel with warring groups in southern Sudan.

The lawsuit included UN reports talked about deals for weapons and military equipment produced by Israeli companies and transferred to competing militias in southern Sudan, which used these weapons with the start of the civil war by the end of 2013.

According to the Israeli security Department, working in Israel currently 1395 budding company, 198, 000 were issued Israeli weapons export license, and received over the last year almost 9 thousand apply for licences to export weapons and security technology and security training services, an increase of 17% compared to previous years. These requests were made last year for the export of arms and security equipment to 130 countries.

This case is consistent with previously published UN reports showed that Israel supplied South Sudan’s army with weapons that prevent the reduction of violence in this tense country separated from Sudan before years and historical ties with Israel.

According to a report by experts specifically to the Security Council, Israel arming security arms source in southern Sudan, including the Sudanese people’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which was an armed separatist movement turned after separation from Sudan to South Sudan’s army.

Experts say that the PLA “scorched earth” policy, implemented war crimes such as burning houses including, killing unarmed civilians, raping and expel inhabitants from their homes and burglaries.

The authors of the report stressed that Israel’s Liberation Army in southern Sudan with weapons prolongs the war, report preparers sent messages to Israel and are still waiting for the official response, but the latter always evaded answering international inquiries. And how the Israeli involvement in southern Sudan, reports of international organizations and human rights groups that Israel violated the embargo and sold arms during the civil war. And there are reports that security forces armed with rifles “Galilei” and “Tabor”, and that there are South Sudanese forces trained by Israelis in South Sudan and in Israel, and that the security mission in southern Sudan, visited Israel in the past and wandered the galleries, and everyone knows that Israel built in southern Sudan a follow up in cooperation with local intelligence there.