Solemnly. Amazon company acquires market. “


Today announced officially, Amazon about reaching an agreement through which obsess on, largest shopping and retail trade in the Middle East.

With this agreement, will be joining the platform “ to Amazon company family”, which will allow site “more opportunities for growth, and offer a greater number of products, in addition to expanding markets around the world.

On this occasion, the head of the ghrandiniti Senior Vice President for international consumers at Amazon: Amazon shares same values and orientation, in terms of services provided to customers, innovation and long term planning.

He said: “the US giant and pioneer of electronic commerce in the Middle East, offers to its customers in the region a great shopping experience. We therefore look forward both to gain knowledge of local markets, and to support them with sophisticated and distinguished Amazon techniques along with global resources. “

At the same time stressed they will work hand in hand to provide the best possible service to millions of customers in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, ceo and co-founder “, Ronaldo ãôíæñ:” Amazon and will be as a shield in one e-commerce globally and pharmaceutic constitute a step in fostering our presence and growth to provide better and more comprehensive services to our clients in the region. ” And he adds: “by joining the Amazon family, we will have the opportunity to expand and improve delivery operations with higher speed and more choices for customers, as well as Amazon’s continued log in enable vendors and ensure consumer satisfaction.”

It is anticipated that the acquisition process in 2017, after the final agreement on the terms of the deal.

It is worth mentioning that “us” is the biggest platform for e-commerce in the Arab world, presents more than 8.4 million producer within the 13 categories of products, such as consumer electronics, fashion, health and beauty care, household goods and supplies for children. Site attracts “us” more than 45 million visitors per month and managed operations locally in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

It offers “” electronic shopping experience safe, convenient, secure online payment options or payment in cash on delivery, in addition to return purchases for free.