Soldier injured in an armed attack in the Egyptian Sinai

Anatolia: policeman, officer was killed on Sunday, unknown gunmen opened fire targeted a security in the North Sinai governorate, Northeast Egypt, according to a security source, said the source of Anatolia, preferring anonymity being not authorized his remarks to the media, that “unidentified (unspecified) killed an officer and wounded a police Secretary (a low rank of officer) was shot in the head during a security barrier being targeted on the circular road in the town of El Arish in North Sinai governorate.” according to the same source, the slain officer was flown to El-Arish hospital with military Conditional transfer to a military hospital in Cairo in a critical condition, and no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, with the Egyptian authorities did not issue a statement on the incident until 15:50. active in the Northern Egyptian Sinai several organizations, notably Ansar Al-المقدس″ ‘s House, which announced in November 2014, to swear allegiance to ISIS “Emir”, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and changed his name to “State of Sinai.” and military positions, police and security personnel, for the intensified attacks in recent months in the Sinai Peninsula, resulting in Killing dozens of military and police personnel with militant groups declared responsibility for many of these attacks.