Social development: 418 teachers provide tuition in residential role for orphans


Ministry of labour and Social Development Department programmes and activities in the social and family welfare agency Monday, tuition for the second semester, in residential sections, and orphanages.

And social and family welfare agent said Naif Bin Mohamed Al Subhi, the program aims to raise the level of students covered by care in residential sections in the role of observation and guidance, the girls care institutions, shelters, and Toddle House in Riyadh, Jeddah, besides covered in orphanages, so as to achieve the desired positive results.

At Subhi, tutoring program guide for students involved in various parts of the Kingdom, by allocating the Ministry 418 teachers giving lessons continue for students.

He stressed the importance of the educational side Subhi as part of the educational process, and its impact on the continuation of the tutorial program improve the level of uninsured care, stressing the importance of activating the program for the second semester, in accordance with the mechanism and controls established by the Ministry, and continuous monitoring by its branches in all regions of the Kingdom, to achieve his goals.