Six terrorists killed in a military operation East of Samarra


Tremendous Security Committee Chairman Jassim said Iraq’s Salahuddin province on Wednesday killed six members of the Organization “ISIS” in a military operation East of Samarra set off yesterday morning.

Enormous told the German News Agency (DB a) that killed six members of ISIS and destroying four wheels and crane car bombing at military air strikes in mtibigh opposite, adding that pieces of good progress so far and weak resistance. He noted that the process is not the first so many operations preceded it but did not succeed in passing the ISIS forcing defenses to stop them. An Iraqi security source said earlier today in parts of Eastern Samarra process aimed at controlling mtibigh area 30/km east of Samarra and surrounding villages to prevent elements of ISIS from attacks on Iraqi troops, as well as control of the new land and military prevalence ensures reduced areas controlled by ISIS.

Meanwhile, the Turkish army said in a statement that Turkish planes bombed Kurdish militants in northern Iraq yesterday, killing six of them in a widening campaign against the PKK. The statement said airstrikes targeted Zab region and is the name of the river running through the Turkish-Iraqi border. Turkish planes bombed Kurdish militants in the Sinjar area in northeastern Syria Tuesday, killing around 70 militants in Turkey and Syria, according to a statement of the Turkish army. Turkey announced Wednesday that it had already informed the United States and Russia carried out strikes against Kurdish positions in Syria and Iraq.

Turkish Foreign Minister tshaush oglu born to Turkish media of Uzbekistan where he visits two hours before this process as stipulated in our agreements, we have shared the information with the United States and Russia. “In the last weeks, we reported our allies and us military and diplomatic channels that we process in this region.”