Single wolves “evil strategy to bypass security controls


Individual terrorist attacks details revealed that struck a number of European capitals and cities recently about a new strategy for terrorist groups is their dependence on sleeper cells or known as “individual wolves” in the planning and execution of the attacks, indicating the increasing terrorist threats facing the world, and constitute a significant challenge for the security devices embrace those wolves with members of their communities without raising suspicion and mistrust in behaviours or actions, and talk about the nightmare of individual wolves shows the beginning of the crisis management researcher Dr Estrada Alrewily the concept of “individual wolves” of concepts which spread through the media world and Arabic, is a new concept in science policy, and if we go back to wolves in conscience both Arab and Western are animals are their mantras courage and ability to seize opportunities and treachery at the same time.

As for the meaning of the term “individual wolves” intelligence term implies someone terrorist acts against society, is unstructured, which is not subject to regulation and receives help from him, but planning and implementation within the self-potential moves to Wolf effect of propaganda organization without mandating bye form, and often have these regular people don’t arouse suspicion in their movements and behaviour.

And Dr alrewily, the term “individual wolves” wasn’t known before the onslaught of European regulatory review rule and u.s. armed operations on their territory of persons decidedly not manifestations of religious extremism as described in the West, on the contrary, we find that them from using alcohol and drugs, and his shameful sexual relations.

Dr alrewily that individual wolves does not belong to militant groups but preceded by long years, they reflect anyone could launch an armed attack motivated by ideological, social or psychological or satisfactory or political.

Characteristic of Western studies in the study of individual wolves “Western study titled” solo Wolf phenomenon: evaluate current profiles “study all of aurlandridanzlolisandramontanase of University of Mercy Hurst in September 2015, the study presented a set of indicators on the escalation of the phenomenon, noting that these attacks are on the rise in the United States and many European countries such as the United Kingdom, and Germany, which saw 198 terrorist attack carried out by individual wolves”, from 1970 to 2000.

As I have explained that “individual wolves” attacks on the United States have increased by 45%, so most targeted State from 1990 until 2013, approximately 63%, 46% of total operations worldwide, focusing on the nature of American society allows them to easily obtain arms through shops, us laws provide too large area of privacy can be a fertile environment for the work of extremist groups to recruit young people who can quickly turn into energy. High of terrorism and violence.

At the level of extremist groups of Dr Falah alrewily one of the ideologues of radical groups and named his book raised Syrian suspect Abu Musab Al 2010 (global Islamic resistance call) the idea of decentralization so disorganised transboundary idea embraced by a slew of requirements and exercises, and was one of the young Nigerian attempt beginnings OE detonated aboard a us airliner flying from Amsterdam to the United States Christmas Eve 2009, American recruiter process of Arab descent Nidal Hasan who shot His colleagues in the military, Ford in the United States in the same year, Germany saw a similar attack 2011 when someone killed two u.s. Army at Frankfurt airport.

It was then adopted ISIS in 2014 when he called Winifred çáúïäçäí ISIS planning spokesman, in an audio recording, organizing sympathizers killed Coalition nationals anywhere and by any means available, use the ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi term individual wolves in mid November 2014 through its call to target Shiite citizens in Saudi Arabia, as ISIS vowed via Foundation (dabiq) in July 2016 new war-themed single “wolves, in a Word to çáúïäçäí urged on Implementation of further attacks on Western interests everywhere, saying that the targeting of civilians is called love us and most effective “, adding:” no Esme and innocent doesn’t exist and that didn’t find a gun, run over by cars. “

And forms of operations that can be performed by “individual wolves” self-made bombs planted in different places and detonated remotely, or a single attack with a weapon can make at home or bought legally in the States that allow it, or drive a car or truck and run over pedestrians, or using edged weapons, and all of that is planning and self funded and confidentially.

Note that individual wolves operations flexible so it bypasses obstacles and questions about funding and logistical support, lack of leadership, it is usually on the principle of self-financing and use of materials that go into making the explosives and obtainable in the market without bringing attention and observation.

Security dilemma is the biggest challenge that most individual wolves don’t hesitate to mosques or charity centers, not showing signs of commitment, perhaps mastered single wolf talk in many languages and has extensive experience in technology.

Most processes that have occurred in Europe and America by people spotted by surveillance cameras without raising suspicion, security concern on how to identify these.

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