Silent killer “for patients with albinism in Africa


Tanzanian reggae singer known as Medica sixmond by another name is yellow man of East Africa “, because he has balmhk due to lack of melanin which gives skin its color and protects them from damage arising from bright sunlight. And albinism is a genetic disease inherited from parents who both carry Jenna faulted prevents skin from producing melanin properly.

In Tanzania, the jugglers healers of albinos for bodyparts and used as recipes for luck and wealth. And could abduct victims and uninvolved by assassins, or even be sold by members of their families, as the members rate the disease to 75 thousand dollars.

The United Nations estimates that about 80 people infected balmhk killed since 2000. But such brutal attacks are not the greatest danger that threatens the life of albinos in Africa, face a slow death from a disease known as “the silent killer”. Without melanin protects them, they are at greater risk of skin cancer.

Says Mark ghalashovir, Professor, American Academy of Dermatology: “when you not have melanin, meaning that there is no protection, and be exposed to ultraviolet radiation all the time, not just when you’re lying on the beach.”

And he adds: “the closer you are to the equator, the Sun is stronger, which is a more serious risk of skin cancer.

Says albino disease stakeholders to more than 90 percent of people in Africa die before they reach the age of 40.

Medica reached this age now, which means that the hour of his departure is near. Says Medica, who has undergone in the last September for surgery to remove a tumor near his left ear: “the Sun is the first enemy.”

But in the shadow of Kilimanjaro mountains towering African, there is an attempt to give life to people like Medica, through Kilimanjaro “coating for protection from the Sun or” kilisan “, which is designed specifically for albinos, but it delivers to people who are truly in need and encourage them to use it not that smooth.

Paint production unit has produced based foothills of Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro 15 a bottle of paint “kilisan” last year by mavalda Soto Valdes, Spanish pharmaceutical developed coating “kilisan” in collaboration with the Tanzania training centre for Dermatology.

Valdez explains some of the paint on her hand, how it looks “kilisan” more coherent than ordinary consumer products and more resistant to water and heat. Valdez says that albinos they need reassurance to put two milligrams of paint per square inch of skin, twice daily.

Expensive Sun-protective ointments for many Tanzanians, pushing many of the infected children to stay in the shade or the risk of skin cancer

But frequent use of large quantities of paint from the Sun is not accessible to most people. Valdez says: “in Tanzania nearly 80 percent of the population lives on less than a dollar and a half a day. Painting price ranges between 10 and 15 dollars. “

This is the price of paint, enough for two months. Valdez says that the price of the paint bottle which gives the albinos the protection they need up to $20.

The majority of the African Sun paints imported or donated. The African continent’s population have less need of protection because of the dark skin and containing a lot of melanin, meaning they don’t burn from sunlight quickly.

And Sun-protective coatings industry grows in Tanzania rapidly to protect the population of albinos. Despite the lack of studies and widely believed that about one out of every balmhk 1400 people in Tanzania, compared with one out of every five thousand to fifteen thousand in most other regions of Africa. Tanzania has a population of 50 million people, which makes albinism major health problem in so many. In Europe and North America, estimated number of albinos are between one in every 17 thousand to one in every 20 000 population.

And when the painting “kilisan” 2012 was used to help 25 children, now he gives for free to 2800 people at clinics every four months.

And represents more than half of the children who get this paint.

Medica says that skin cancer should begin in childhood, his family had discarded him because his skin is white and was seen as a curse, and spent his boyhood rambled on his face on the streets.

He says: “I used to wander on my face in the city without clothes protect me, uh-UH have sunlight everywhere.”

The street life in a dangerous trail Medica, caused him in a tumor in his ear after defeating Sun.

Medica managed from an operation to remove a tumor from his ear at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi town. There is only one hospital only in Tanzania to treat cancer.

Albino children to wear hats and long sleeves to protect them from the Sun’s harmful rays.

And mostly, albino children and their parents the importance of wearing hats, sunglasses and clothes with long sleeves and syringes, sunscreen, as Peter ash, Canadian charitable foundation worked balmhk infected (under one Sun) on fundraising to build a factory “kilisan” in the city of Moshi.

Says: “in fact we have some parents who take their children albinos and exposing them to the Sun to become their skin dark color. So they try to make them look natural color. Thus, children with all these dark colored scratches, and then tells parents: gosh they’re improving, when in fact they develop skin cancer.

Product group tries to salve “kilisan” addressing this problem by educating users of the ointment sunscreen and their families, the education of health professionals and