Shows an Iranian specialist Arabic for «Riyadh»: Prince Mohammed bin Salman someone real reality of the Iranian regime ‘s fascist


student shows an Iranian and a specialist in Iranian affairs translation to meet with His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz , Crown Crown Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in several languages , including Persian, stressing that the meeting is very important, especially to continue to expose the mullahs of Tehran regime of the Iranian people and the peoples of Iran is Persian and suffering from persecution, poverty and hunger by the system of clerical rule.

“Riyadh” said Mohammed Nazif Qaderi , spokesman for the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran that the modern Crown Crown for the Iranian regime is real and revealed the bitter reality of the Iranian people oppressed by a fascist religious regime of a terrorist and oppressive and interfering criminal in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, and added that the system fascist killing of Kurds more than 5,000 Kurds in Kurdistan , Iran as a result against them to protect themselves, as the Iranian regime by more than 50 thousand Kurdish civilians were killed, indicating that they are oppressed and fighters of the Iranian regime for more than 38 years, and since that time until our time the Current and Kurds are struggling for freedom and to live in peace on their land in Iran, said that the modern Crown Crown Prince about the Iranian situation economically in Iran is unrealistic and the situation is very deteriorating and lives of the Iranian people under bad economic conditions and all this because of the terrorist regime ‘s policy in Tehran, and said they do not recognize this criminal regime Qambaktl intellectuals and supports terrorist groups and militias in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain, and the modern Crown Crown for this extremist regime traitor and terrorist but we are waiting for any Arab official Muslim stand in general this system and reveals the reality of A terrorist, and increased Qadri that the system not only to kill people in the Arab and Islamic countries , but Iranian intelligence has killed politicians, thinkers and intellectuals opposed to the regime in Iran, it has killed more than 300 in Europe under the follow – up to Iran ‘s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The meeting is very important and revealed the mullahs of Tehran regime of the Iranian people
For his part, a specialist in Iranian affairs researcher Faisal Al Shammari that talk of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz , Crown Crown Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense revealed to the world the reality of this system , which took advantage of relations with the countries of the region to spread its goals and plans in the region, Sheikh Mohammed said that the kingdom has given opportunities to the Iranian regime , but unfortunately not exploited, and also asserted that the Muslim does not bite twice , in reference to the re – relations in the era of Hashemi Rafsanjani, and the system in its commitments based on the publication of the state of poverty Yeh control and extend its influence over the countries of the region, the system of Iran can not sit at the negotiating table and deal with the countries of the region as a sovereign and non – interference in their affairs, because his regime and its constitution Qaiman on the violation of those points, and Al – Shammari said: If we look at the talk of His Highness the Crown Crown Prince that the “system of

20 million Iranians live below the poverty line .. and families resort to the sale of kidneys to pay off their homes rent
deprived people of development and infrastructure, it and the numbers prove that his early entirely on the Iranian situation, it is inside Iran refers to the fact that this system make all the capabilities and the wealth of Iran to serve the objectives of the And his battle and support for terrorism in the region, Iranian Minister of former oil Rustam Ghasemi has told newspapers Iranian said that there are more than 20 million Iranians live below the poverty line, so that some of them, according to press reports , Iranian published tragic stories of families resort to the sale of kidneys to pay off their homes rent and to find food day, as well as unemployment , which affected even university graduates in Iran and arrived , according to the Iranian newspaper “Ceyhan , ” said exceeded 13% and will reach 25%, due to the deterioration of the economic situation, and the foreign minister told Iran that there are ten Iranian million in drug trafficking, In addition to the fact that Iran occupies a The first to rank globally in children ‘s execution and the second in executions, Shammari stressed that all the numbers and directories mentioned by themselves officials and Iranian newspapers show that this system since the inauguration of power in 1979 does not recognize the rights of its people and the development of infrastructure, but is based on repression, persecution, detention and execution system internally stalking and assassination of his opponents abroad and spread chaos and terror and expansion and support external militias, and between Shammari that His Highness the Crown Crown Prince said a very important point not to be trusted in this system to negotiate, and this point is read correctly and diagnose the reality of the Iranian regime the terrorist Me, therefore , when a delegation from the system sat in 1979 with the head of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party , Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou negotiated in the second day of the meeting session, and the Iranian intelligence service to assassinate him at a restaurant in the Austrian capital Vienna, as well as the assassination of the Secretary – General of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan opposition to Iran ‘s sincere honor Canadian in Berlin on September 17 , 1992 , supported the Iranian intelligence elements, and in 1991 was assassinated Hussein Madi Secretary General of the Arab Front Ahwaz in Iraq, the intelligence regime of the mullahs of the Iranian media recently assassination of anti – Hussein Karimian in Istanbul , Turkey, Love A that such meetings must be translated into several languages including Farsi so that the Iranian people familiar with the reality of his regime , which Eons the case of people from poverty, hunger, persecution and disbursement of budgets to support terrorist militias, there are large numbers is not satisfied with the oppressed of this fascist regime, and continuing demonstrations in the Iranian streets between now and then, where they are subjected to imprisonment and torture as a result of any appeal demanding to save their daily lives.