Shown two Holy Launches Youth immunization programme


Sponsored by His Excellency President General for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-sudais intellectual Security Department fired mosque “fortify the youth of all contrary moderation and not ideological security.”

At the beginning of the launch of the program welcomed his Excellency President Director of ideological security Shaykh Ibrahim Bin Abdul Majeed Shareef and the royalty to the General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque is keen to fortify young all contrary moderation and not ideological security and Cassidy custodian as guided by Allah bless ya-LAH-intellectual security management were crucial in spreading the truth and repudiate extremism of all stripes, spreading Islam as a legitimate method of Hidayat right derived from the book and Sunnah, concluding his speech by thanking Allah The Almighty then Governors on their command of custodian of their going to and from ultra care and Jalil, based on this workshop.

Followed by the virtue of intellectual security manager about “fortify”, and that this program has a lofty goals such as: immunization programmes for employees of the Presidency and Cassidy, Allah’s House and take lessons and guidelines, and promote the concept of moderation and scientific elites hosting and create special electronic platform.