Shifty tops opinion polls to right-wing rival Le Pen


After a noisy campaign by French voters continue to party vote to choose between Emmanuelle shifty Central candidate in favour of the European Union and the extreme-right candidate Le Pen, marine anti-caking and anti-immigration to head home during the next five years.

And open toward 67, 000 polling stations opened Saturday morning in front of the voters.

The French Interior Ministry said today that turnout stood at 28.23 percent by noon local time.

Opinion polls suggest that the French will choose shifty former economy Minister 39-year-old who wants to bridge the gap between left and right and resist the isolationist tide that saw the British vote to withdraw from the European Union.

But if there is an unexpected result Marin Le Pen won national front party candidate, the future of the European Union may be at stake.

And beats the shifty, who wants economic liberalization and deepening integration with the European Union, on Le Pen in the polls by about 23 to 26 percentage points.

Polls proved accurate in the first round of presidential elections last month. Market escalated last weekend in response to the widening gap in favor of shifty on his rival after a bitter televised debate between them on Wednesday.

Francois Savary, Director of investments at prime partners fund management company in Geneva “have increased our investments in stocks and we added some stock in French after the first round. It seems that the major political risk of possible Le Pen victory fade. “

In the election campaign have seen the fall of the leaderboard one after another have made Le Pen, you want to close the borders and abandoning the euro currency and curbing immigration, the far right is closer to power than ever in Western Europe since World War II.

And even if proved accurate polls France elected smaller head older instead of electing the first woman to chair the shifty himself does not expect a honeymoon.

It may be the reluctance of voters voting high and nearly 60 percent say they intend to vote for all they do to prevent Le Pen’s election to lead the second largest economy in the euro zone, instead of being completely agree on the former banker who turned to politics.

Anyway, I won’t put the election end of the battle between the mainstream and the most extreme policies in France with the parliamentary elections that are just as important, next month.

Once the end of the Presidency to give attention to whether the winner was able to capture a parliamentary majority. And showed the first parliamentary election poll published this week that shifty can capture that majority.