Shifty thatchers to crucial for French presidential elections


Pro quarterback candidate Fiesta Bowl Europe Emmanuel shifty with far right candidate against Europe marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential elections, after the first session at the forefront of solution yesterday evening, devoted to exclude traditional parties.

It was the first time since 1958 that miss them right on the second session in France, and the first time that the two major candidates not condoling turpitude elections for nearly half a century, to the crucial second session, having brought down the Republican party’s candidate voters (right) Francois Fillon, Socialist Party candidate Benoit Amon.

Said cunning, who got between 23 and 24% of the vote, told AFP: “today we clearly page of French political life”.

And progress on far right candidate that got between 21 and 23 percent, according to three opinion poll institutes.

Shifty said who had resigned in August 2016 from the Government to establish a political movement, “via the French desire for renewal. The rationale is the combination of logic course until the legislative elections “in June 2017.

Le Pen hailed the “historic” outcome of the first session the initial results of the proclamation.

However, all the surveys confirm the planned second session commenced on 7 May.

After acknowledging the right candidate Fillon today conceded defeat in the first session, stated that he would support us.

Fillon told reporters “we must choose the best for our country. I don’t do it willingly, but abstain not my style, especially when approaching an extremist party from power. Extremism can only carry the Banshee and the band to France. There is no alternative choice voting against the far right, I sakatra for Emmanuel shifty. “

As Socialist Prime Minister Bernard kazinnov to vote for shifty.

Estimates showed that Fillon received between 19 and 20, 3 percent and the radical left candidate Jean-Luc milanshon NAL between 19.5 and 20 percent, and went out of the race.

And behind a Socialist solution built four Amon who gained between 6, 1 and 7 percent, the ruling party’s resounding defeat.

The latter stated that the result is a “historically punishment” for his party.

And Emmanuel shifty which was founded last year “forward” as “not right nor left”, the second session with ample chances to become the youngest President in the history of France.

Offset by the national front candidate completing her father Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2002 who moved into the second round. With the polls having winning the transition to second session did not surprise this time where I expected all polls since 2013.

And nearly 70 percent turnout Wednesday as one of the best participation rates in 40 years, according to the French Interior Ministry.

And the form fill level among 47 million voters, a key element in this election, at a time when a quarter was still reluctant to resolve his choice until the last minute before the first session.