Shifty smaller head in the history of France


Central presidential candidate Emmanuel shifty, 39 years old, the French presidential election Sunday, edging rival marine Le Pen becomes youngest President in the nation’s history.

Shifty issued election by between 65 and 66, 5%, 1% of the vote according to the IFOP poll Institute» and «» Harris Interactive».

The French Government announced win with shifty defeat Le Pen endorsed congratulating deducted to win, said: «we became the largest opposition force in France after this election. Shifty and wished success in major challenges» European Governments welcomed the victory of shifty asserting that France “will remain at the heart of Europe».

For the first time
These elections were marked for the first time in nearly 60 years to miss the traditional left and right represented by the Socialist Party and the Republican party from the second session and the candidate asserts they represent regeneration, but while the shifty defends the freedom of trade and deepening European integration, Le Pen condemned «globalisation» and «immigration and protectionist policy of defunding smart» kahama Valley. his vote in the morning in the North of France: Shifty in Touquet thatchers in the labour stronghold in Aignan-Beaumont. polling offices opened at 8:00 GMT France. 68% of sharing expected approximately 47.5 million voters while turnout is important for the result of the ballot, calling left and right after the first session to line up behind the shifty and blocking PF in the absence of popular mobilization and unclear position of the radical left who rejects some belonging to choose between plague and cholera «».


Unemployment is one of the dominant issues facing French voters, the nation’s unemployment rate, at most, 10 percent, and is the eighth-highest unemployment rate in the European Union, 28, as each person of four people under the age of 25 in the country is unemployed.

And the French economy recovering only slowly from the 2008 financial crisis, all the candidates stressed the need for profound changes.

Shifty seeks to reduce 120, 000 jobs in the public sector and reduce public expenditure by about 60 billion euros, and pumping billions in investment and reduce the unemployment rate by 7 percent.

Strict procedures
The second session was organized for French presidential elections amid tight security with the deployment of some 50, 000 police and soldiers wedrki under the State of emergency in force since 2015 and jihadist attacks which left 239 people dead in France.

Maybe France avoided a new attack with the announcement of arrest a radical GM organization ISIS near a military airbase at aifro (about 100 km northwest of Paris) had been under surveillance since 2014 because of his extremism.

On April 20, three days before the first round of elections, policeman Cordiale Paris and adopting assault organization ISIS responsible for most attacks that left 239 people dead since January, 2015.

Parliament elections
Sunday’s elections will put an end to the battle between the mainstream and the most extreme policies in France with the parliamentary elections that are just as important, next month. Once the end of the Presidency to give attention to whether the winner was able to capture a parliamentary majority. And showed the first parliamentary election poll published this week that shifty can capture that majority.

Much will depend also on the percentage of votes obtained shifty weloban. Marion Marshall said Le Pen Le Pen’s niece lobinion newspaper that 40% result will indeed be huge victory» «PF.

Shifty will form a new chapter in French politics after the two main right-wing and left-wing ruling, the Socialist Party and the Republican party, France for decades. Two humiliating defeat suffered in the first round of elections.