Shifty prepares to announce new French Government


The French President declares Emmanuel shifty today (Wednesday) Cabinet that he wanted a participatory «»
And «above suspicions corruption» and «open to civil society, especially «from right and left» with a
In France.
A change
The Government team was postponed author of 15 Ministers for 24 hours in order to verify the tax situation 2
After luncheon between shifty and speaker
Ministers and the absence of any conflict of interest. Squad will be announced at noon.
EU Donald Tusk.
With the task of verifying the supreme body of transparency in public life, which was established after a case
Jerome kahozak, Minister of the budget in the Government of former President Francois hollande (2012 2017 (which he had to
Resign after showing that he has a secret bank account abroad.
This body was also behind the resignation of State Minister Thomas tifano in September (September) 2014 after days
Just to set the tax arrears. Shifty wants checks before hiring any Minister demands representations
Tax breaks for more than five years as the law requires.
The Elysee Palace said that the Prime Minister and after checking «will improve governmental duties above reproach», in
The time that a 75 per cent of French people that corruption is rife in political circles and among the deputies,
According to an opinion poll published recently.
So VA first cabinet meeting on Thursday morning and will hold the shifty mandate not Wednesday. And expected
To be the first concerns a Bill linking moral values and political life “before the election.
Legislature» 11 and June 18 (June) next, including especially «prevent favouritism for parliamentarians who will
They can hire any member of their families “in a clear reference to the scandal involving right-wing candidate
For presidential elections, Francois Fillon about alleged fake jobs case benefited his wife and two
Of his children.
About 100 deputies from the center-right and an appeal to respond to the outstretched hand of the new President. In response
Since Monday, s
On that morning, right-wing Republican party led by François baroin appeal to candidates from the right and Center 577
For the legislative elections to defend «» convictions and win this election to force coexistence on the President.
In the camp left, twice the Socialist Party after defeat in the first round of elections
Make a hard left leader Jean-Luc milanshon does not hide his desire to dominate. And of
A presidential
Expected to enter the Socialist Party members who supported the shifty, to the Government, such as Prime
Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb or Secretary of defense under Howland, Jean-Yves lodrian was the only survivor from the Government.
Ending its mandate. Well, I hope it saw the accession of party leader Francois Bayrou «modem» President’s ally, the Central
The Government, despite the tension that happened last week with the new President’s Party candidate regulations
For the legislative elections.
Shifty promised by another with openness to civil society. For example, seeks to persuade Nicola
Former tv presenter and hollow profile respected among ecologists acceptance
«Ministry of LRT».
For women, the new President promised during the campaign was his inner circle comprises men particularly,
Equality between the sexes. And could choose to boost hopes of the business world through Astrid banosian which was
Real estate group manager or specialist media Axel tisandier or film producer Frederick always.
Shifty began his Monday meeting in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she
Open about his idea to amend European treaties to reform Europe. He also met with United Nations Secretary General
Antonio ghotirish on Tuesday evening.