Secretary of the city looking for waste management plan with a Korean delegation


Greeted Secretary of Madinah, the engineer Mohamed Bin Hadi Amri, a delegation from the Korean Institute of environmental studies to discuss joint cooperation in developing a master plan for waste management more efficiently in Medina.

The main plan provides vision, direction and working mechanism for citizens and companies (environmental management institutions) to find solutions to the problems of waste management in line with the overall national plan for waste management or environmental policy.

He said under Secretary, engineer Mohamed to sit tight, the aim of the visit is waste management commensurate with the circumstances of Medina and market priority cooperation projects such as complex project thermal waste treatment in Medina.

“Ask them” the work scope of the project master planning to improve waste management and develop project cooperation and the default design, plus strategies for implementing the project and bilateral cooperation seminars and visit environmental facilities in Korea by specialists in the Secretariat, a master plan aimed at achieving effective management of wastes in environmentally friendly ways through the systematic reduction of waste and disposal fully understood and implemented by citizens and businesses.

Master plan aims to propose reducing waste and recycling and trading resources and integrated system of waste management, in addition to financial resources and to ensure a healthy and safe life, with increased prevention and management of waste sound ways in addition to utilize them as national resources through recycling.

“Ask them” to the project included three main axes: current management situation analysis of all types of waste “,” the world’s leading technology and best professional solutions economically in one facility, and security: “positive effects on the health and safety of all citizens in Medina according to global environmental standards.