This is the secret of permanent “troika” North Korea leader behind appearances.


Observer on any appearance of North Korea leader Kim Jong UN, “parking 3 military behind him, especially in the country’s missile tests and supervised personally.

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And the daily mail newspaper reported Sunday, British mystery men, former General RI Pyong Chol “rocket scientist” veteran Kim Jong-Sik, “head of weapons development” Jang Chang-ha “. Noting that two of the “Trio” who escort the leader always in a private jet, “ghoshok-1”.

The former officer said the North Korean army, Chan-IL, “instead of going through the bureaucrats, Kim Jong keeps these technocrats beside him, to be able to communicate with them at any moment.”

Experts said the North Korean leadership, Kim Jong Sik Jang Chang Lisa elite families, unlike many senior figures in the ruling class in North Korea.

South Korea official familiar with the subject, died in late 2011, “Kim Jong chose a new generation of people to be key aides preferred not to use his father’s assistants.

He highlighted that the best person to confide in this leader “triple” is RI Pyong Chol, who is always laughing at the pictures.

And leader Kim Jong UN, Saturday, to test a new anti-aircraft weapons system and ordered to produce and publish voluminously throughout North Korea.