The second special security force in Mecca tactical exercise carried out 4


The second special security force in Mecca tactical exercise carried out 4
The second special security force carried in Makkah tactical exercise IV under the slogan (processing of men to perform tasks), and the presence of private security forces Commander major general corner Mufleh bin sulayem Otaibi and his aides and senior army officers.

And were met the second special security force commander major general Fahd Nasser Al-Osaimi and pillars of strength.

The tactical exercise consisted of four on a number of assumptions in the field of combating terrorism and protecting VIPs fighting in built areas and fight in open areas and mountainous areas, where armored security force in conjunction with airline security by applying lemma arrest of wanted holed up in a building in a residential neighborhood and disinfected, as well as the arrest of wanted in a farm and how to handle the situation.

Followed by the number of premises security and protection of VIPs that included foot and vehicle profiles of a man escape driving skills and application protection.

The exercise also included premises for the security and protection of important installations and vital as insurance score sorting and guarding how to repel a terrorist attack and dealt with, in addition to reviewing the sniper teams skills as well as apps vertical plane shooting and tactical shooting at different levels in the fields of stress, using ropes and descending from high altitudes.

He also gave the start signal Commander of desert Marathon which attracted a large number of employees of the force note that all assumptions applied using live ammunition.

These hypotheses have achieved high success rates, according to the results of the evaluation team.

And later dubbed SS Commander General Akram corner bin Saleem Al-Otaibi cue the marathon distance (15 km), with a view to increasing the readiness of the special forces man liakia and measuring the endurance of a man forces and prepared to perform the tasks required in similar circumstances.