The search and rescue team performs the premise simulating a State earthquake catastrophe


In the presence of civil defence Director Solomon group Amru, do search and rescue team “SASART” field exercise on Thursday morning by default to handle seismic disaster that might fall outside the Kingdom and require participation in search and rescue.

Emergency forces Commander Colonel Khalid’s civil defense burning practice include information gathering, processing and loading of equipment search and rescue team and go fly to the stricken country and even reach the affected site and meet with local authorities and international organizations-stricken country participation in dealing with the disaster and build team camp right up to the stage of field operations to search and rescue the victims until the end of the mission and return safely home to Allah through tight scenario.

The Colonel said burning that exercise aims to search and rescue team reaches the highest levels of the Saudi readiness and willingness to participate in search-and-rescue work during disasters and major accidents and the brotherly and friendly States including earthquakes what else could it consequential collapses of buildings and installations within the framework of the strategic plan for the group.