Scotland’s independence advocates intend to seize the opportunity of early British election

AP – intended to seize the Scots premature election called by British Prime Minister Theresa may, to push their demand for a referendum for the independence of their country, and accused the Government of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, is also the President of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, Mai as “hypocritical” denied for months interest in early elections that were originally planned in 2020. but warned that if they won this election hurdle set by the Mae for a referendum independence Scotland will be gone, and is an easy bet since the national party Scot controls 56 of 59 seats reserved for Scotland in the British Parliament, had won 50% of votes of Scots in 2015. voters voted Scots in 2014 against independence but non-brikst data as the Scots voters supported heavily (62%) survival of the United Kingdom in the European Union. so I asked sturgeon from London a new referendum on independence for Scotland from the Kingdom, rejecting the exitHome of the EU despite her nose received RapidShare against breakup of negotiations approached Kingdom out of the European Union, “not the time” for a referendum independence of Scotland and Craig makanghos specialist in politics at the University of Aberdeen, “would win this election SNP, no doubt about it,” adding, “you can bet that it will reap more than 40 percent and 50 percent of the vote, and that willGG position Nicola Sturgeon. “but in return there’s no unanimity in Scotland to organise a second referendum on independence.-bored-even electoral nationalists could get bored of cascade 2014 on independence referendum ballots and the general election in 2015, and brikst in 2016 referendum and local elections in May and June in other public/June 2017. makanghos finds that Theresa may bet on Fed-Scots who engage in onlyStkolal and that the time was not right, “but” could not refuse indefinitely the referendum again in some other papers Nicola Sturgeon “and sees John Curtis in expert surveys, Professor of politics at the University of stratklid that the SNP will retain most of its seats in the British Parliament and will continue to advocate for independence.” they defend 56 seats 59 and therefore more likely to back off. But if they win by 45 to 50 percent of the votes, it doesn’t mean they’re defeated. “the Conservatives are likely to get some seats because the Scots have their representative in the British Parliament only local David Mundell has a solid base” as their leader Ruth Davidson which declares she lesbian, local Parliament elected from central Edinburgh in 2016. predicted John Curtis, “it will be undoubtedly 50/50 for the Unionist parties and party resolutionAnd any already existing situation Scotsman Mei. But it will make it harder to Teresa may postpone the referendum until after the May/December 2021 ″. confirmed that Mai said (not now), but didn’t say when, as to justifications contradict its surprise call for early elections, “he said, wondering,” if it is possible to organize a general election in the midst of brikst, why not hold a referendum on independence for Scotland? “. Kresimir makanghos, that “if he advocates independence again on a clear majority with a clear mandate to organize a new referendum, it will be very difficult for the London Government rejected it, saying” ultimately will be a referendum (Scotland’s independence), it’s just a matter of time. “