Scientists discover a medication stop aging


Scientists from the Institute of science and technology in the South Korean city of Daegu substance can stop aging.

Diabetic retinopathy is Lysosomes in cells (lisosomat), one of the major causes of aging, being responsible for getting rid of ineffective material particle in cell kalmitokondria damaged, in the event of a defect in its harmful substances accumulate within cells, leading to disruption of metabolism.

The protein “ATM” combines the phosphate group to vacuolar enzyme ATP-Asa, leading to reduced activity of Lysosomes. A team of scientists conducted experiments on cells, it turns out that the combination of KU-60019 “ATM” protein response and reduce the percentage of phosphorylation, and restore functions of infected cells with aging.

Scientists planned to ensure effective KU-60019, by conducting experiments on reviving older rapidly, as a result of amendments to her DNA. Scientists will determine that the potential longevity of people who will take this medicine.

Source: RIA Novosti