To save the captives almdarbinalhamd Allah demands immediate intervention


Palestinian Prime Minister Remi Allah praise immediate international intervention to save the life of Palestinian prisoners
. Hunger strikers in Israeli prisons for 25 days
He said the world should thank Allah and human rights organizations to intervene foraber pressure on Israel to stop
Practices against prisoners, responding to their legitimate demands and protect their rights guaranteed by the conventions and instruments
All international.
Thankfully, Allah said in a speech at a University in Jericho: «we support them in the face of injustice and oppression and cruelty
Families and the jailer, and they insist their fair».
Thank Allah appeal came after reports about the ill health of many striking prisoners after protracted strike,
Straight into the open strike about food,
Media Commission said in a statement that the strike after 24 days
Dozens of strikers to hospitals, after worsening health condition significantly.
The captives «they have difficulty in movement, head and stomach pain
The statement said explaining
Dryness in the throat, vomited blood, with a number of prisoners abstained from eating water for hours because of the difficulty
Their ability to go to the toilet. The Palestinian prisoner Club lawyer conveyed today certificates to prisoners on strike
He managed to visit them about cruel prison authorities against them.
The captive said Mujahid Hamid flipper to manage prisons, forcing prisoners to drink hot water
Bathroom taps, and subject them to intense inspection, internal trials, assault».
The strike Committee said that the prison administration «whiff» after a section converted to a field hospital, began
Family bargain offer treatment for their strike, with deliberately turn keys in other prisons like
«The Negev water poured drinking “before the captives, adding to use sniffer dogs to storm
The cells, either in the prison «auhlikdar», the prison administration turned the clinic into a place to display food, try
To influence the striking prisoners and two checkpoints, linking offer treatment to suspend strike».
It was about 1500 Palestinian prisoners according to official Palestinian figures, they began April 17.
(April) last in an open hunger strike to improve conditions of detention and end its policy of isolation politics
Administrative detention, in addition to installing a pay phone for prisoners to communicate with loved ones,
And a set of demands on family visits and an end to the policy of medical neglect and allow the entry of books
Newspapers and satellite channels, adding to other demands of life».
So far, Israel refuses to negotiate with the prisoners, amid calls by officials let them starve to death
Among the methods adopted by Israel to break the strike in the last few days, posting videos of Marwan.
To him, it addresses some desserts. As display
Barghouti, the leadership announced the strike and Israel leader.
New to the striking prisoners, Barghouti is dealing with
Israeli officers in the past couple of days pictures
Food, trying to get them to end the strike.
Israelis saw
Transfer Center «prisoners of Palestine Studies», prisoners in the Negev prison, that officers
And tried to influence the morale and let them to stop the strike as Barghouti, they told them they leave you
Hungry, while he’s eating. But the prisoners and the Palestinians rejected the video was made-up
Or a delegate
And challenge the club head captive qaddura fares, the occupation authorities to allow any lawyer, and if the Israelis
Go to Barghouti in isolation to prove he stopped his hunger strike
The International Committee of the Red Cross, or even a doctor.
About food as alleged video that you posted.
For its part, Fadwa, wife of Marwan replied, accusing the Israeli authorities of fabricating a video of her husband;
, Spent about three years in isolation, cannot fall into the trap in such
Her husband was detained for more than 15 years.
This one.
In a remarkable twist, Israel agreed on Wednesday to visit the «red» for Barghouti, said the prisoners ‘ Club
Palestinian, after communication with the relevant authorities, the International Committee of the Red Cross will ziarha
Barghuti said Thursday, after the Israeli prisons administration block to his lawyers and international committees
Since starting his hunger strike last month.
Many observers believed that allowing the Red Cross to visit Barghouti might be a prelude to open discussion about
Strike, until it has stepped up National Committee for assigning strike events solidarity with the strikers,
On Thursday announced «day of anger and triumph of striking prisoners, and another to
Engagement with the Israelis on the points of contact in Palestinian cities.
Meanwhile, Minister Plenipotentiary Mahmoud Afifi, the spokesman for the Secretary General of the Arabic League,
A message
Ahmed Abu Gheit has received a letter from Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross response
Red Cross to intervene urgently with the Israeli authorities
The Secretary-General had sent out several days ago, calling
To halt the fall of various Palestinian prisoners, which represent a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention
4. the protection of civilians in time of war.
Afifi said that the Secretary-General’s letter was part of contacts made by Aboul Gheit with international partners
Actors to halt violations against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, especially those who entered
That letter Maurer confirmed the International Red Cross Committee’s intention to continue working
On a hunger strike, explaining
For Palestinian detainees, and separated the actions that the International Committee of the Red Cross to take for
On hunger strike, including communicating with the captives themselves, with
The Palestinian prisoners crisis rages
, Chiefly
The Israeli prison service to ensure that legally established rights of prisoners
To allow their relatives to visit them. The speaker concluded his statement.