Saudi security officers injured in bomb attack in Bjoern

< Said Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman general Mansur Al-Turki: «further to the statement released on 16 May (May) 2017 security man was killed and five others injured as a result of rocket patrol type RPG while performing their tasks in maintaining public order in the vicinity of the walled district area in Qatif province, a security patrol at 7:30 a.m. Sunday to bomb I.E.D it performs tasks near his rural neighborhood roundabout Bjoern, resulting It security guards injured and hospitalized. And «security actors began the investigation of the terrorist crime that still continue».
Turkey had earlier announced that «company start executing a development projects sponsored by the Secretariat of the eastern region to develop the walled district in the province of Qatif, worker exposure to heavy fire from terrorist elements within the neighborhood targeted mechanisms used in the project to disable explosive devices, and impeding the project and protect their terrorist activities, utilizing abandoned houses and village in the springboard and a hotbed of murder and kidnapping citizens and clerics as happened to the virtue of Judge Mohamed algerani, armed robbery, drug and alcohol and arms trafficking, the resulting From a Saudi boy two years old, and a resident of Pakistani nationality, injuring 10 people including six Saudis».
Source: Alhayat